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Red Magic

A utilitarian blending of various schools of magic, Red Magic picks a wide variety of spells from Black, White, and Time Magic for unparalleled flexability on the battlefield.

Table 8-1: Red Magic
Level Spells by Level
1 Aero, Blind, Blizzard, Cure, Fire, Poison, Poisona, Scan, Sleep, Thunder
2 Berserk, Blink, Element Spikes, Float, Lock, Rasp, Slow, Stona, Water
3 Aera, Blizzara, Cura, Fira, Immobilize, Protect, Regen, Silence, Thundara, Zombie
4 Basuna, Bio, Confuse, Dispel, Drain, Haste, Osmose, Raise, Ruse, Shell, Slowga, Watera
5 Aeraga, Blizzaga, Curaga, Disable, Firaga, Mini, Protectga, Stone, Thundaga, Time Slip
6 Charm, Esuna, Flare, Hastega, Quake, Syphon, Shellga, Stop, Waterga, Vanish
7 Arise, Freeze, Nuke, Pain, Reflect, Renew, Toad, Wall, Venom
8 Break, Meltdown, Meteor, Old, Shield, Whirlwind

Note that the Red Magic version of Meteor and Haste do not have Quasar or Speed as a prerequisite, as those spells are not on the Red Magic list. All other spell prerequisites must be met as normal when picking Red Magic spells.