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“Remember that you alone choose the path on which you walk.” —Eidolon Ramuh, FINAL FANTASY IX

One does not become a master swordsman or legendary mage by luck alone; training and experience both play an important part in the shaping of a hero. Each of the four Classes in the FFRPG—Warrior, Expert, Adept and Mage—draws its power from a slightly different source. Fighters tap on chi and physical power, Mages on the natural force of magic, Experts on their expertise and ingenuity, and Adepts on a combination of all three. These four Classes are divided into a number of separate professions based on the heroes and heroines of the *Final Fantasy *series—crafty Engineers, sneaky hieves, deadly Ninja, noble Dragoons, and more are all represented here.


The Jobs presented over the course of this chapter follow a standard format. After a brief introduction, each has a ‘Job profile’ containing the following information:

The Job’s Ability Set is presented after the profile, presenting each individual Ability in an easy-to-read format. For Spell-casting Jobs, the Ability Set also contains a table showing when new Spells are gained, if applicable.

Abilities and Two Weapons

Unless its description says otherwise, all offensive Abilities are limited to a single Weapon at a time. If the character has more than one Weapon equipped, decide which one to use.